November 25, 2007

Irrelevance Day 2007: The Year That Wasn't

Who would have thought I'd keep this going a third year?

And this year, I tried. Indeed, I tried putting an end to the irrelevance. There were numerous occasions in which I thought, "this is the last time I post on Irrelevant Opinions". I called it Irrelevant Opinions because I expected it to remain irrelevant, a mere pastime that I could leave as easily as I began it.

But moreso than any year prior, these silly pages had a significant impact on the year that was. It was certainly a challenging year; between the ludicrous amount of travel, a handful of side projects, and numerous family complexities, life was in a constant state of disarray. Things finally began to quiet down two months ago; life slowed down, until it eventually came to a complete halt. I didn't expect things to become so stagnant so quickly, after such a volatile year. After so much movement, I can't help but feel bored during this current period of calm.

And ultimately, I find myself in much the same situation now as I was last year. I didn't write much this year, but a lot happened behind the scenes. But, like a season of Seinfeld episodes, nothing really changed in the end. Characters had their entrances and exits, there were a few good laughs, some dramatic undertones, but the season finale left everyone in the same predicament as the season premiere. If a viewer wasn't paying close attention, he'd think he was watching reruns.

Like last year and the year before, I'll highlight my personal favourites from this year.

12.05.2006 - Andalus: Great documentary, and I like the post I wrote along with it.

2.06.2007 - Allegorical Absurdity: Goldilocks: The first in what has become something of a series across multiple blogs, this story is one of my better pieces of reactionary fiction.

4.01.2007 - ill relevant opinions: I don't consider this one of my favourites at all, I just want to apologize again for this. Sorry.

5.13.2007 - In Defense of the Sunnah: Remind, for reminder proves beneficial for the believers.

7.02.2007 - sillypost: A meaningless linguistic exercise.

7.25.2007 - And be not divided among yourselves: I reread this piece recently, and was surprised I wrote it. It made me realize that I'm a better writer than I am a person; I can only hope that I come close to the ideals I illustrate. Right now I feel quite disenchanted with my own personality; I need to become a better person.

2007.07.31 - Photos: Serenity: And Faraz finally gets a digital camera. Now, I can substitute actual content with failed attempts at photography.

2007.08.22 - Allegorical Absurdity: Three Little Pigs: The next chapter in the Allegorical Absurdity series. For the many of you who wondered about the "protected" Ugly Duckling post, again, I must apologize: this was a silly joke; there is no password, and no post hidden behind it.

So, here we are; another year gone by. I still enjoy writing, and I will continue to do so for a long time. These Irrelevant Opinions won't disappear, especially not for the petty reasons I thought to close it before.

Those of you who continue to visit and read, thank you for your kindness. Many of you have left, or will be leaving shortly. But if you happen to stumble upon these words, I wish you every success in all of your endeavours.


  1. ... and many more (insha'Allah)!

    Didn't realise that the Ugly Duckling entry was a joke. Obviously not a very funny one seeing as no-one got it! ;)

  2. Insha'Allah, may your 2008 be even more irrelevant.

  3. iMuslim: It wasn't meant to be funny for other people, that joke was meant to make me laugh! Selfish, I know. A lot of people e-mailed me asking for the password, or how I even did it because Blogger doesn't support protected posts like Wordpress.

    Shan: I'm aiming for relevance for this coming year. You haven't been writing much, too busy with school these days?

  4. Al-Hamdulillaah, we've all enjoyed your irrelevance (and occasional relevance) in the blogosphere... and insha'Allah you'll be around for a while more! :)

  5. Thanks Mouse, much appreciated.

  6. Yea when Hafsa told me that there's no password, I felt quite stupid for asking for it :P

  7. Yeah, sorry about that ... I was in a weird mood at the time, it was around the same time I wrote an entire post without using the letter e. No need to feel stupid, though, there really was no way you could have known I'd pull such a silly stunt!

  8. Faraz, I might steel your "Ugly Duckling" post. Love it :)

  9. Organic-Muslimah, thanks for visiting! Steal away, nothing beats confusing the heck out of tonnes of people. :)