September 17, 2008

Geometry Lessons

A few months ago, I wrote a post about Diamond Shreddies, a product of the "latest advancements in cereal rotation technology". Last night, I received an e-mail from someone on the Diamond Shreddies marketing department about their latest press release.

Some noteworthy excerpts:
Records obtained from an unnamed Shreddies source reveal that not everyone supports Diamond Shreddies self-proclaimed geometric superiority.
"You are sending the wrong information to kids about geometric shapes," says one concerned parent, to whom The President of Shreddies responded: "You are partially correct, the true geometric name is Rhombus Shreddies, but unfortunately Rhombus failed miserably when tested against Diamond Shreddies in consumer groups."

Rhombus Shreddies sound delicious.

Further investigation revealed some complaints focused on the issue of product shape controls gone awry.
One consumer wrote "I purchased a box of the new Diamond Shreddies and only half were the diamond shape!"

I can relate. Sometimes, my Cheerios are Cheeriovals, and it drives me nuts.


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  2. Rhombus squares sound awesome actually. I'd definitely buy those over diamond ones.

    Also, I can relate to cheeriovals. Sometimes my corn flakes are corny flakes, and it makes me roll my eyes.

  3. Asmaa: Are there any triangular cereals out there? If not, do you think this is a potentially untapped market? In your mind, is the world ready for triangular cereal?

  4. I don't remember triangular cereals. What would they be called anyways? Pyramidios? Tri-flakes?

    In this modern era, I do think the world is ready for it.

    Invent it! But "Pyramidios" and "ri-flakes" are patented.