September 05, 2007


Rhinoceros crossing. Please keep your speed to 10 km/h.


  1. Haha are you serious? That's actually rather frightening, since rhinos have the tendency to charge at people and vehicles if they come close to them. Or so says the folks at discovery channel...

  2. I am guessing the pic was taken at some safari park!

  3. This reminds me of an animal planet fact:
    If we stop poaching the Sumatran rhinos for medicine, 300 of them can be saved.
    There are only around 6,000 of the other (besides the white rhino) 4 species combined:
    African Black Rhino 3,610
    Indian/Nepalese Rhino 2,400
    Sumatran Rhino ~300
    Javan Rhino ~60

  4. Wild rhinos tend to be quite common... especially on the West Coast where they arrive after migrating from South America.

    They've been known to roam in packs and attack garbage cans in a show of masculinity. The female rhinos are naturally impressed by this and mate with the ones that can pierce the cans with their horn. One rhino in the Southwest USA managed to destroy an entire truck-stop just to impress a female rhino. He perceived that all the trucks were giant garbage cans and basically rammed each of them down. It was rather impressive.

  5. All: This picture was taken at a famous garden, where the parking lots were identified by various animal signs. I happened to be parking in the "camel lot", which seemed a lot easier to remember than some obscure combination of letters and numbers.

    So, nope, there were no actual rhinos there. I just found the sign amusing. :)

  6. Okay very odd question, but what camera do you have? Either you're awesome at taking pictures or you got one heck'a camera cuz those picz are so crip!

  7. Shireen: My camera is a Canon Powershot SD1000, which I wrote about briefly here. I've been very happy with it since I bought it back in July. I would recommend it, these days I see it running for approximately $250. Though I haven't tried that many others, so you might want to see what else is out there. But every review I've read for the SD1000 has been very positive, so it does seem to hold it's weight against the competition.

  8. Aww I knew it was a Canon! ..Man I should'a gone with it. I was debating over a canon and a was price that got me to buy Sony. I figured it can't be that far off and well it isn't, but it's clear to see Canon's generally take very clear shots. Esp for ppl like me, that can't be bothered to try and focus.

    Ahh one Insha'Allah will be a Canon!!

    Thanks :)

    P.S. crip = crisp (Spellcheck isn't my thing apparently)