December 27, 2006

Hajj Journal | CBC Montreal

Online Hajj Journal | CBC Montreal

CBC, which I've come to greatly respect for the balanced news reporting and fair representation of Muslims, is hosting the journal of a sister from Montreal who has gone for Hajj this year. These are always interesting reads, and it's nice of CBC to include that on their website. I sometimes read over my own, and regret that I really did not express myself well. I generally wrote at times of inconvenience and frustration, and didn't capture my awe and amazement of the whole experience; I could have written something much better had I collected all my thoughts at the end rather than write at odd times during the actual rituals. Anyway, I'll be keeping tabs on this journal on CBC; it's always encouraging to read such accounts.

And while on the subject, this post is easily the best I've read describing the experience of Umrah. A very inspiring read that deserves a better medium than the blogosphere.


  1. salaam, faraz

    thank you for sharing this link of the Umrah post! i found it to be the most beautiful rendering of the experience that i have read in a long time. shukran!

    Hajj is performed for the Love and Pleasure of Allah, and these emotions are clearly revealed in the writers words. Alhamdulillah!

    Kind Regards
    Shafinaaz/ in Johannesburg

  2. Salaams Faraz,

    I'm going to be lazy and link to my comment on Saffiyah's blog.

    I also say Jazakallah khair for the referral. It brought back memories!

    "I sometimes read over my own, and regret that I really did not express myself well."

    It is very difficult to get it right. Sometimes i think we cannot fully appreciate the emotion evoked from the experience, so words fail us. Even when i talk about Hajj, and try to explain what a certain moment meant to me, i can see in the listener's eyes that they just don't get it... they are not moved as much as i am because i just cannot express myself.

    It's frustrating, but then you know they will one day experience the same thing and so words will no longer be required, inshallah!


  3. Hajj is truly a unique 'ibada'; if only people realized its importance they would never postpone going for Hajj for the most frivolous of reasons. May Allah guide us all...

  4. Adding to what i said about Hajj being performed for the Love and Pleasure of Almighty Allah, I am reminded again about a lecture that I attended while I was performing Hajj last year this time, in Azizia Mecca.. The khatib/speaker’s embracing conceptual theme was Love, as central to each of the five pillars of Islam.

    If any would like to read the script of this lecture, it can be found at

  5. Kimya: Wa'alaykum assalam, I agree; this captures the essence of the experience better than I thought possible. Methinks it should be included in those little "Hajj/Umrah/Ziyarah" manuals for inspiration.

    I'll take a look at this lecture insha-Allah.

    iMuslim: Wa'alaykum assalam. It is difficult, you're right, to fully capture it. But I didn't seem to even try very hard; I sound a little whiny and annoying in my own writing, I find. I think that has something to do with the fact that I had been there before so there wasn't as much "surprise" during the experience. But then when I'm sitting with friends who have also gone, we all have such amazing experiences to share. I'm lucky that so many of my friends have had the opportunity in the last few years; we spend a lot of time reminiscing.

    Arshad: Ameen. From my own personal experience, when a person makes a sincere intention to go, it's amazing how things work out for that person in order to accommodate his or her plans. My intention since I was a kid was to go before I turned 25, and everything worked out so perfectly for me that I was alhamdolillah able to do so. I've heard so many similar stories from other friends who have gone; there's always some little obstacle at first, but once past that obstacle everything worked out perfectly for them too.

  6. yeah i agree... didn't get much of the details of your spiritual journey...

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