July 05, 2010

From Far and Wide

I've been asked many times to update my blog, which I've been meaning to do anyway. However, the summer - in spite of a lengthy holiday - has been bizarre and, as usual, travel has busied my schedule leaving me unable to just sit and write. But with things seemingly settling down now, I will try to get back into it lest my literary skills suffer.

The travels have been long and exhausting, but have provided me with a fair amount of inspiration for things that I would like to elaborate on through this blog. Alhamdulillah, I've traveled quite a bit in my life, and recently wrote a list of all the cities I've spent time in. Taking a cue from Target Theory, I intend on writing about most of these places at some point.

In the last two months, I haven't spent a full week in one city. My last two months of Jum'ah prayers have been performed as follows:

May 7th: Ottawa, Ontario
May 14th: Kingston, Ontario
May 21st: Gatineau, Quebec
May 28th: Calgary, Alberta
June 4th: Edmonton, Alberta
June 11th: Slave Lake, Alberta
June 18th: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
June 25th: Edmonton, Alberta
July 2nd: Kingston, Ontario

And this upcoming Jum'ah, July 9th, I expect to be back in Calgary after a brief sojourn at home in Ottawa. I still hope I can get some writing done insha-Allah between flights and family responsibilities, so stay tuned.

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