August 28, 2008

Pre-Ramadhan Randomness

I have a lot to write these days, but have been under the weather for some time now. So for now, I will just link to the most recent edition of Muslim Link, which includes my first article there in over a year.

Muslim Link Ramadhan Issue
Original, unedited version

The front page article is mine, though unfortunately it went through a few edits that screwed up the grammar and wording. I'm tempted to volunteer regularly again as an editor because they certainly need the help, but have a few other requests that I need to respond to first. I need to learn to prioritize.

The following topics have been on my mind of late, and I'll probably write about at least one of these eventually, not sure which.
  • Condescending uncles and their derision for "mullahs".
  • Agreeing to disagree, in the light of the sunnah.
  • My take on all the marriage discussion around the blogosphere these days.
  • Jum'ah woes; responding to the recent imam controversies in Ottawa.
  • Why I strongly dislike 99% of the wedding speeches I keep hearing.
In the meantime, I might as well share some pictures from my trip to Banff earlier this year. I meant to post these up five months ago, but it kept slipping my mind. Enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Faraz.

    All 5 topics that you will write about are interesting enough; the one I think will interest me the most is the one about "Condescending uncles and their derision for 'mullahs' ".