January 01, 2008

A study in contrasts

Three days ago. Miami Beach.

Today, my car.

It's good to be home. :)


  1. I definitely prefer cold over hot, but then again i much prefer the mildness of London weather, than the extremes of Canada/Florida. :)

  2. Sigh. You lucky thing. My nose nearly froze and fell off today.

  3. It is soooooo cold today in Denmark.

    Nobody should go outside in this weather we have :-(

  4. iMuslim: I also would not want to live somewhere hot throughout the year, like Florida. It's been extremely cold here over the last few days, though. I miss Vancouver, where it never got too hot, nor too cold. I forgot how cold it actually gets here.

    Saira: Well, I'm back, and my nose is freezing too. Oh, and our heating at home is no longer working.

    Gess: Something is frozen in the state of Denmark, I say.

  5. For quite some time I was trying to figure which way was the front of your car.

    I think I now have a clue, but not very sure. :)