November 22, 2007

Photos: That Time of Year

Not quite December yet, and we've already had our first ice storm. Those of my readers who remember January 1998 in Montreal will remember that in spite of the havoc wreaked upon the city by the vicious weather, there was such beauty in the destruction. Every branch and every leaf was encased in ice, crystallized, and the trees shined brilliantly underneath the moonlight. It is a shame that digital cameras weren't in common use back then.

Here are some random icicle photos from today's storm:

And there's my car in the background:

It took a few tries before I could get the timing right on this one:

And now, back to work for me.


  1. *Jaw drops*
    Masha'Allah tabaarakAllah! The last picture is amazing...

  2. AnonyMouse: Yes, that last picture is pretty cool indeed. I've always thought icicles were awesome. I'm only starting to figure out my camera now such that I can take pictures like that one without any motion blur.