July 14, 2007

Gee, had I known...

Canadians can now mention bombs, guns at airports | Reuters

Good news from the world of Canadian air travel! I think it might be safe to say that I'm at least among the top hundred most frequent air travellers among Canadian Muslims within the last sixteen months (over 250,000km so far), so anything that makes my travel safer is good for me.

So if I ever run into you at the airport, old friend, I'll greet you just as enthusiastically.


  1. We can talk about guns again?! That's da bomb!

    Oh. We can't say "I am going to set fire to this airplane with this blowtorch". Pfft. Well this does nothing for me then.

  2. But someone who remarks... "Hi Jack!" will first be warned about their behaviour.


  3. haha haha!

    How come such news never makes the headlines?