January 05, 2007


The hockey fans among you will know what this is, but it's just too funny not to share.


  1. "Thought he was gonna, until he blew it!" Haha, poor guy.

    ps: my word verification is "asafa" which means regret in Arabic. Am I going to regret this comment? Dun dun dunn

  2. This was horrible but Dallas still won the game so they survived it. It would have been worse had Edmonton won the game over that.

  3. I'm missing out on the joke because i only have poncey dial-up access at home!

    On a completely unrelated note, i was reading through your Hajj journal and after a [scarily long] while it clicked that we went for Hajj in the same year!

    I thought you went last year, for some reason. When i read your account of the heavy rain that took place on the last day of jamraat, i though: "How strange! What is the likihood of it raining that heavy on the same day of the following Hajj?".


    I actually had a very good experience of the jamraat that day, precisely because of the flooding caused by heavy rain. However, i know it was not the same for many others, inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.

  4. Asmaa: Perhaps the asafa was referring to the regret experienced by the clumsy Dallas player?

    My word verification is bknnv. Am I going to bknnv this comment?

    Nauman: Yeah. I had no idea that Patrik Stefan was the first pick overall in the 1999 draft. I guess he can be considered a bust, particularly behind the Sedin twins who were drafted 2 and 3 after him.

    Too bad Edmonton didn't win, they're really slumping these days. At least they get a point.

    iMuslim: It's a hockey clip; since I imagine you're not a hockey fan, living in jolly old England, it might not have the same appeal.

    I actually didn't mind the flooding myself, as it was kinda like a little adventure. But I had my mother with me, and she had a very hard time with the flooding, putting a huge damper on her mood. My whole group became very sick afterwards as well, and I didn't quite recover until a few weeks later. But overall, it was still an amazing experience alhamdolillah.