August 15, 2006

Muhammad, the Last Prophet: Animated Film

I saw this film when it played at the Canadian Museum of Civilization last year. If you have 90 minutes to spare for a simplified version of the seerah, (Prophetic history), this is very educational viewing, particularly for those completely unfamiliar with the history of Islam. It cautiously steers clear of any contentious issues to present an easily approachable rendition of one of the greatest stories of world history.

For those who wish to learn more, there are many books which describe the life and mission far better than any film can. That being said, it is unfortunate that we still have to refer to books to describe the life of the Prophet sallalho'alayhi wa salam. Each of the companions of the Prophet was usually example enough to pay tribute to the honour and nobility of the beloved Prophet Muhammad.


  1. Assalaamu'alaykum

    90 minutes just flew by. Thanks for posting this. I heard about it before, but I didn't realize that it was available online. JazakAllah khayr.

    I enjoyed watching it. It was wonderful, masha'Allah. I especially appreciated the scene with the Battle of the Trench as it gives a better idea of how the trench was (compared to my own imagination).

    I found myself comparing it to the movie "The Message." Both movies I think did a pretty good job, masha'Allah.

  2. I will watch this soon. By the way, today's C&H is amusing.

  3. Sister Farzeen: Wa'alaykum assalam,

    Wa eeya kum. Regarding the Battle of the Trench scene, remember that it's still an artists' depiction. That's kinda how I imagined it, but there's no knowing whether it was actually accurate or not. Allahu'alim.

    Shan: Let me know what you think whenever you do watch it.

    I think the C&H you were referring to was one in which Calvin is concealing a water baloon in a turban, right? Yes, that was amusing.

    I should write a simple script that will actually download these comics somewhere, because they only stay on the ucomics site for two weeks I think. It probably wouldn't be too hard to do, considering that I already wrote the logic for generating the URL. I just need to plug that into a wget function or something.

  4. In one of the posts I read that there was a way to view this movie online. However the video link at the top of the page was not working. A search on google video was unsuccessful. Please help insha Allah I'd really like to see the movie and its yet to be released

  5. Anonymous: Hmm, you're right. It looks like it was taken down. That's unfortunate. I couldn't find it anywhere else myself.

  6. Assalaamu'alaykum

    It looks like it's back again:

    Muhammad: The Last Prophet [peace be upon him]