July 06, 2006

Dahyer sichuayshun

Several months ago, I wrote how technology is corrupting the English language.

Things are getting worse: Push for simpler spelling persists.

Update 8.2.2006: And apparently, technology isn't a problem after all.
Texting helps teens' grammar | Toronto Star

The ironic part is the "verbing" of the word "text" in the title of the article. Either way, I'm not convinced by the results of the study.


  1. This is terrible. We should discuss strategies to circumvent a language-crisis: email me @ xploshan or invashan! kthnxbi

  2. Reading that article made me think of one I had just read this morning:


    Do remember that not everyone speaks the same "English" to begin with :)

  3. That's jus hillarious. For the record, here are my spelling (it's drives "some people" nuts):


    Wa Salam

  4. As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

    I don't know if anyone notices but these "simplified spellings" just look bad, and they completely obscure the roots of the words. They look even more confusing than real English spelling, which for the most part does have rules, albeit complicated ones.

  5. The spellings will only be simpler to people who have never attempted to learn any English before.

    For anyone else, adopting "new" spellings is just too difficult. I still keep forgetting to omit the "u" in "colour" when doing HTML/CSS. So if the proponents of this new English do get their way, we would essentially have two Englishes in America, which just wouldn't work.

    So just for the sheer impracticality of it, I can trust that our language is safe for many generations to come. OK thx bye. l8r.

  6. I agree 100% with Yusuf Smith.

    I can't believe professors and politicians are actually pushing for something like this.