July 29, 2006

After strenuous weeks of tight deadlines followed by long, uncomfortable flights, it is getting increasingly frustrating to return to an empty home more uninviting and devoid of life than any of the foreign hotel rooms.


  1. I think you need a cat....seriously. I have one that needs a home!

  2. Assalaamu'alaykum wa rahmatu Allah

    Nah, a cat won't work. I don't think even a house plant would survive with his seemingly long absences.

    Insha'Allah khayr brother. Rest assured that Allah hears your prayers. Insha'Allah He will bless you with what you need. But remember, "tie your camel and trust Allah."

    Fasabrun jameel - And patience is beautiful.

  3. A cat isn't exactly the best solution to loneliness. Faraz, I think you know what the solution is.

    ...Farzeen, the translation of "Fasabrun Jameel" is roughly this: "(for me) the most perfect, beautiful and sincere patience is most fitting." This was said by Ya'qoub, the father of Yusuf :)

  4. Get married, Faraz... and stop house-hunting or your empty home will look even more emptier when it's a house instead of the apartment on Lees. :)

    Better yet, get married and go house-hunting with your wife!

  5. Hope you are feeling better now :)

  6. Cheer up. :). In my case music generally does it. Preferably swing jazz or hype spanish stuff.

  7. I guess a Despair.com poster wouldn't help right now. But you know the one I am thinking of anyway, lonestar.

  8. Don't keep a cat! Who's going to feed it while you're away?!

    I'm sorry, I can't think of any other solution. :S Coming home to a bored and angry wife, um, isn't that going to make things worse?

  9. Don't rush to wed just to quell loneliness. Rushing to The Humane Society is, in fact, a better choice.

  10. Like I said...a cat is a wonderful companion! My cat was totally used to being alone. If I was going to be gone for a while I would get a friend to come over every day or so to visit with him and he was fine.
    Ottawa Humane Society - call them and you might meet your future :)

  11. Anon: Cats are more than 'wonderful'! they're so cute, lovable, fluffy, warm, squishy mushy... I love them too. All I worry about is the cat being left hungry, that's all. Getting someone to check in on it is something we've done too, when we had one and were away, but what if the friend doesn't show up?! :O

    I wish I could take that cat you've got. :( My sisters and I have had a history of asthma, so no more cats...sad, isn't it?

  12. Anonymous: Your anonymity prevents me from actually considering your cat in need of a home.

    Sister Farzeen: A house plant isn't actually a bad idea. I get terrific sunlight in my place, and watering shouldn't be a problem.

    Trust in Allah is the easy part; I'm still trying to figure out how to tie the camel, without the camel kicking me in the process.

    Sister Asmaa: Easier said than done. Surah Yusuf is beautiful, though I think both translations are valid. The first one was more literal, while yours is more contextual. Khair, the message is the same.

    Nauman: To stop house-hunting, I'd have to be house-hunting in the first place. Which I need to get back to, since I'm getting tired of throwing money away in rent.

    Again, easier said than done.

    H: I feel fine, alhamdolillah. All is well!

    Sister Saira: I am full of cheer already! I hope everyone else is too, insha-Allah.

    Shan: For the benefit of everyone else, "If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, you're not alone. And yet you are alone. So very alone." Despair posters can always help; humour is very therapeutic.

    Sister Ameera: Is "a bored and angry wife" the only option these days? I'm sure they come in other varieties...

    Shan (2): I'm not rushing towards anything right now.

    Anonymous (2): Cats are cool, no doubt. But I wouldn't trust any of my friends to take care of one during my frequent travels.

    Sister Ameera (2): I can understand cute, lovable, fluffy, and warm. But squishy and mushy? What have you been doing to those poor cats?!

  13. Assalaamu'alaykum

    Oui, oui, c'est tres difficile... Insha'Allah khayr.

    Now if the camel didn't kick you, how would you learn to appreciate her calmness when you finally tied her? The camel kicks are expected, that's the only way to learn and to ensure that you're tying her up correctly... otherwise she may run away and give you even more problems than you bargained for. So don't let your wounds deter you and keep trying. Eventually you'll find success, insha'Allah.

    But alas, I must recognize that the whole process is quite painful. (Hence the trust part of the formula...) - All the best, insha'Allah.