April 02, 2006

It's not terrorism unless...

I was hoping I'd be able to leave aside the Tim Hortons stories for a while, but then this happened.

"Police have ruled out terrorism as the cause of an explosion that ripped through a Tim Hortons doughnut shop in the trendy Yorkville area of downtown Toronto Sunday, killing one man."

"Police have not confirmed reports the man was seen entering the washroom with wires or possibly explosives strapped to his body."

Suppose they did confirm that this guy was strapped with explosives. Would it only be considered terrorism if the bomber was Arab or Muslim? If the guy is blowing himself up in a coffee shop, I'm sure his motivations go beyond the recent price increase for ice caps. Of course, Tim Hortons' makes quite a bit of business from it's Muslim customers. If it were Starbucks, this would be another story altogether.


  1. As soon as I heard about this story, I thought to myself that it was possible someone did this in retaliation to Tim Horton's setting up a shop in Afghanistan (out of a trailer for Canadian Army personnel)...

  2. wow, Canada has far more clueless people than I ever expected. I suppose the more the media puts the public in denial, the greater the threat for another attack. Time for some new laws to govern these media terrorists. CTV, CBC, GLOBAL, goodbye for good. I will make my own blog on this subject very soon, hopefully before the next one happens. My brain told me to start brewing my own coffee last week after seeing the increasingly long line-ups at the already, hysterically charged, emotion regenerating/twisting, severely addicting, and extremely well planned trap for the human sheep.