July 07, 2005

On aliens and the alienated

I keep in touch with my cousins blog through my Mozilla Thunderbird RSS feed reader. Today, he decided it was time to give up on people and essentially alienate himself from common human interaction. In the process, he actually used the word "chooseth" which made me laugh out loud.

Today, several bombs exploded in London, killing over 50 people and heightening security all across the world. Some people calling themselves the "Al-Qaida of Europe" claimed responsibility, and somehow thought that this would be a good idea. While I doubt the claim of responsibility, there are a few facts that are established here: someone planted those bombs, and intended that some message be put forth. In the end, they will pay for it in this world or in Akhirah.

Who were they? They were most likely people who found people to be redundant, and found themselves becoming distanced from society. After some time, they decided that there was no need even to reattach themselves; they were unable to push their agenda through traditional means of social interaction and political movement. So they embarked upon their own isolationist movement and decided that they had no interest in a world that cast them aside whenever it so chooseth.

The problem was that no one cared that they were gone, and their agenda was not being promoted. What that agenda was, I don't claim to know, but in isolation these people decided that it was time to re-emerge with a bang. Not with the intention of reattaching themselves to the society that cast it aside when it choseth, but just for the reason that they were getting exasperated and needed to make some noise. Of course, they had no compassion for society and no hope of promoting any of their values. So they struck out against society in the most cowardly and sadistic way.

And when all those bombs exploded causing widespread fear and chaos, killing dozens of people, whatever values they had were not being promoted. Whatever agenda they had was not being pushed. Whatever discontent they had with society did not diminish. All that happened was that people died and hate grew. And as hate develops, more people will want to isolate themselves until they re-emerge with another deadly bang.

Sometimes we live in our own little world, and no one really understands us. It's easy to blame that on others, but it is almost never productive. It is also easy to make ourselves comfortable in that little world of ours, and keep the door shut for fear of intrusion. We feel that it us against the world, and that our only hope of survival against a world is to create one of our own.

That is not the answer. The truth is that we are the world. Together, we make it what it is. And together, we can make it better.

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  1. Interesting posting... I'll keep this in mind in case I ever need to "reemerge" to the world with a bang...