May 02, 2005

The Walima Poem II

One year ago today, I wrote and presented this silly poem about my brother. Here it is again.

Seated nearby is the man of the hour
You can see him beside me with that sinister glower
Driving right by you at hundreds of miles per hour
The man of many cheesecakes devoured

You know of whom I speak, this man named Asrar
"Silent but Deadlys" silent defensive star
A menace in his Mustang, his old stunning blue car
Its motor snorting as you hear it from afar

Now, though, a Mazda Three, cuz now he's not alone
Sitting stylishly in his fancy suit with his fancy cologne
Now a married man, a husband, all old and fully grown
Beginning the new phase, to begin a family of his own

Most call him silent, but I would just call it "calm"
Instead of anger, he reacts with stunning aplomb
Hanging with his friends at good old Darus Salam
Or programming diligently on

A great artist, both digitally and with ink
A force on both sides of the ball hockey rink
A worthy web designer, if you fall upon his link
A great thirst quencher if you taste his cold coffee drink

And if he were to say a few words on his own behalf
It would surely be aimed at making Asif laugh

But perhaps he's best known as the Hafiz of our clan
But most don't know he is also a cunning businessman
Allah gave him the ability to memorize the entire Quran
But he also traded a Patrick Roy rookie card for Gilbert Dionne

Yes, it's true.

Most remarkable is his hifz, doing it with personal determination
Managing his memorization along with his work and education
May Allah SWT give us all such drive and desire
To achieve His pleasure in order to lift us higher

With that, I'd like to welcome our newest family member
There's so many now, it's kinda hard to remember

That makes it a trilogy now of these Walima events of ours
And personally I'm kinda tired with all the balloons and flowers

But it won't stop here, there'll soon be baby showers
Knowing Asrar, he'd probably just stay home and watch "Two Towers"

With that being said, We're lucky to have Sana Appi join the crew
And to everyone else, a most heartfelt thank you.

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