January 09, 2005


I'm in Vienna. A friend of my brother (and brother of an old friend) was next to us on the flight from TO to here. He seems like a really good guy. He doesn't eat cheese or meat or eggs or anything. He works for the UN and was on his way to Kosovo.

I'm in the Vienna airport interfaith room. Nice to see a tashahud symbol to indicate the room, and it's nice to find some musallas and mushafs here. Vienna is followed by Cairo, a place I hoped to avoid. I haven't slept at all yet.

"Dieser andachtsraum steht allen menschen zur anbetung oder sur stillen besinnung offen. Mogen allé, die hier einkehren frieden finden und gestarkt ihren weg weitergehen."

"This is a room of prayer and meditation. May all those who use this room find their peace and leave encouraged to procede (sic) their journey."
-Vienna, June 6th 1988.

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