December 13, 2004

Death of a Teacher

I was just informed that my former English and Drama teacher passed away on the first of this month, after struggling with cancer for some time. Through her influence, I went from being a shy, introverted child to someone capable of standing before hundreds of people to tell meaningless jokes. I used to be unable to speak in front of anyone older than myself, and she had me doing somersaults in front of nearly a thousand.

It has been nearly seven years since I left high school, but the effects that Linda McKenty had on me and hundreds of other students live on. She did her part as a teacher, hopefully the truth came to her before death.

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  1. Faraz, Linda was a teacher to my 3 kids and a very good friend. I spent much time with her through her illness and I think she found the truth a long time before the end. She tried to share it with many. Thanks for posting your tribute. You give Linda all she ever wanted.