November 27, 2004

The Iron Ring

"...or in the dealings with my own Soul before my Maker."

A short excerpt from the Obligation taken at the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, written by Rudyard Kipling in 1923. One of the closing comments in the Iron Ring ceremony was to pray hard, and to never lose grip of the spiritual side of ourselves. Four spheres of life were spoken of: one's social and family life, one's recreational life, one's professional life, and one's spiritual life. And the speaker called for balance in all aspects.

The Obligation, and all that went with it were very much in line with Islamic tenets and beliefs. Above all else, it symbolized the accountability those of the Engineering profession have to their world. The decisions we will make will have a heavy impact on society as a whole.

Another interesting point to note. Among the scripted dialogue in the ceremony was an exchange in which the speaker asked the individual speaking on behalf of the candidates "What do you know?" The candidate replies by saying something like "Nothing, except that I know nothing." The speaker then states that that is a solid foundation upon which to build.

This is very similar to an exchange that the Imam conducting the Traditional Halaqah Series cited when speaking of his graduation from the madrasah. To acknowledge that we have barely scraped the surface of knowledge with our education is a solid foundation upon which to further ones lifelong education. There is so much to learn, and arrogance in knowledge is one of the first signs of ignorance.

On another note ... the Fudge Overboard at Red Lobster was so good...especially with that extra strawberry sauce...

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