December 24, 2004

Making a list ...

I heard on the radio that some guy is making a list, and checking it twice. Anyway, as per the suggestion by brother Muhammad al-Shareef, insha-Allah I will make a list of 50 things to do during Hajj. I'll fill it up over time...

1. Say salaam to people of countries I never heard of.
2. Meet someone from Vanuatu.
3. Sit down with a foreign scholar, and listen to whatever wisdom he will impart.
4. Learn some new surahs of the Quran.
5. Keep my gaze lowered.
6. Learn about the many virtues of Hajj, and convey the message to others.
7. Keep a journal of my experiences.
8. Write my January article for Muslim Link.
9. Offer water to others.
10. Discuss the lives of Rasulullah SAW and Sahabah with strangers from different countries.

Insha-Allah more to come ...

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