November 30, 2004

President Bush's visit

Having way too much work to do (and getting the day off of work so that I could get that work done) prevented me from attending any Bush protests. I just followed the events through CBC's website, and it turns out nothing particularly interesting happened. A few threats of gassing the protesters, but nothing serious. I was able to catch sight of several helicopters patrolling the area, and police sirens could be heard every so often. Nothing too interesting, unfortunately.

All in all, I guess politically it was a success for Canada; I think most of the political dignitaries managed to hide their inferiority complex quite well. The prevalence of left-wing political leanings was apparent, and for the most part I think Ottawa did a decent of job of showing the president that he was not particularly welcome by the masses, but we'll tolerate it in the interests of our own country.

In it's worldwide insignificance, Canada will continue to prosper and be safe. Good USA-Canada relations has important implications on the economy, so they should be kept intact, but differences of foreign policy should remain as differences. Let us agree to disagree, and move on with our lives.

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